Date Battle Bracket Episode
January 12 Stalingrad versus Leipzig Battles 64
January 26 Mongol Invasions versus Magna Carta Events 65
February 9 Vlad Dracul versus Heinrich Himmler Villains 66
February 23 Philip II of Spain versus George Washington Leaders 67
March 8 Tamerlane versus Fredrick the Great Military 68
March 22 Zu Yuanshang versus Nicholas Copernicus Rebels, Rogues, and Scholars 69
April 5 Cynscephalie versus Gettysburg Battles 70
April 12 Invention of the Internet versus Civilization of Sumer Events 71
April 19 Genghis Khan versus Sadam Hussein Villains 72
April 26 Queen Victoria versus Constantine the Great Leaders 73
May 3 George Patton versus Pericles Military 74
May 17 Benjamin Franklin versus William Wallace Rebels, Rogues, and Scholars 75
May 31 Actium versus Alesia Battles 76
June 14 World War II versus Fall of the Berlin Wall Events 77
June 28 Adolph Hitler versus Felix Dzerzhinsky Villains 78
July 5 Charlemagne versus Ramses II Leaders 79
July 19 Hannibal Barca versus Joan of Arc Military 80
August 2 Shaka Zulu versus Mother Theresa Rebels, Rogues, and Scholars 81
August 9 Pharsalus versus Agincourt Battles 82
August 16 Marco Polo’s Travels versus State of Computer Age Events 83
August 23 Leopold II versus Lavrentia Beria Villains 84
August 30 Akba versus Askia Mohammed II Leaders 85
September 13 Darius II versus Scipio Africanus Military 86
September 27 Simon Bolivar versus Charles Darwin Rebels, Rogues, and Scholars 87
October 11 Waterloo versus Yorktown Battles 88
October 25 Renaissance versus American Revolution Events 89
November 1 Benito Mussolini versus Ilse Koch Villains 90
November 8 Alfred the Great versus Elizabeth I Leaders 91
November 15 Saladin versus Kublai Khan Military 92
November 22 Nelson Mandela versus Thomas Edison Rebels, Rogues, and Scholars 93
November 29 Marathon versus Gravelines Battles 94
December 6 Holocaust versus Fall of the Western Roman Empire Events 95
December 13 Atilla the Hun versus Osama Bin Laden Villains 96
December 20 First Round Recap

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